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my chick bad.
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6th-Jan-2011 11:07 pm(no subject)
 "Japanese pop culture theater owner and distributor New People has announced that it will host a special event in Hollywood for the January 20 world premiere of the first live-action film based on Hiroya Oku's manga Gantz.

Otaku USA Editor-in-Chief Patrick Macias will interview several of the film's cast members, who will be in attendance at the Hollywood premiere. New People will officially announce the guests before the premiere, although its distribution partner Fathom Events had listed "the two stars, Kazunari Ninomiya and Ken'ichi Matsuyama," as the interview guests in November. Audience members will be able to submit questions for the interview in a process to be announced next week.

The event is limited to 400 seats at Mann's Chinese 6 theater, and fans can enter an online random drawing for a chance to buy tickets. Tickets will cost US$15.00 and come with a special Gantz t-shirt.

In addition to the Hollywood event, Gantz will screen in over 300 theaters throughout the United States on January 20. The interviews at the Hollywood premiere will be simulcasted to the other theaters. "


holy crap. lol. that would be sooo awesome if I could figure out how to enter this drama raffle thing whatever. lol, but chances are I probably wont figure it out aaand I wont see Nino. BUT! I'm so excited for them for getting a Hollywood premiere! AWESOME. 
I'm also excited because I tried dyeing my hair again today and there is some color..SOME COLOR! YEEEAH. My hair is like resistant to hair color. I'm starting to get really frustrated. I don't really want to go to the salon and get it colored professionally because I'm cheap like that but no matter what color it is and what the box says about it coloring dark hair, nothing ever shows up in my hair but it always works perfectly fine for everyone else sharing the rest of the hair dye. >.<
I'm starting to look like this weird pale color from...I dunno..lack of sunlight? not really because I live in southern california where it's pretty much sunny all the time. I dunno, maybe I've become anemic but I fear I'm starting to look like a zombie so I thought putting some color in my hair would decrease the contrast between my face and my hair. Err but yeah. That's pretty much what I did today. 
5th-Jan-2011 11:00 pm(no subject)
 omg such a busy, tiring day. Driving everywhere, taking people all these places from 9:30am-10pm. I could never be a taxi driver. Buuut, one good thing...I tried strawberry popping boba in lychee slush! So much fun. Hahaha. They're kind of distracting though because I can't just drink it normally. I had to stop and pop them one at a time. lol.


me thinks I shall get a hair cut tomorrow and then color it :]
4th-Jan-2011 07:55 pm - oh myy
 Watched Black Swan today. CRAAAAZYYYYY. Exciting movie, really...but crazy.

Woke up at 7:30 today so I could take my sister to work. Came home...watched a movie...ate, went through pupegirl...hmm. What else? Nothing really..just kind of played taxi driver today but I got some nice phone calls...and I can't wait til my school check comes in so I can pay everyone back. OMG. I owe my parents quite a few dollars for my korea trip haha. Whatever, it was worth it. I also have to buy some books for school which will not be as worth it. I'd rather spend money on another trip to korea lol. 

I think I'm going to my friend's house in a bit to watch a movie at her house. Do some girl talk. LOL. maaan -.-

another picture from my trip. Yumm~
3rd-Jan-2011 11:45 pm(no subject)
 Err quite unproductive yet again. I was supposed to run on the treadmill and then do some yoga but then my sister had a friend over and I was not about to get all sweaty in front of company. Gross lol.

haha. Excuses.

Tomorrow is tuesday. I was supposed to go on a little trip to UCLA to visit my friend who is suffering from a dramatic break-up but she's got classes all day long so it would be pointless if we came over. My other friend is busy consoling her because I have no skills in this area whatsoever...it's so sad though. 

Nothing else really. Well now I've got a planned trip to l.a. on saturday with other kids. YAY fun. 
1st-Jan-2011 10:56 pm - First post of the year.
 This is going to be extremely bland. I've been away from lj for so long. I don't even know how to get back. 

I don't really have anything I want to post today, but I thought I should at least post something. 

This year looks promising. Maybe. I turn 21 this year? That sounds kind of exciting. I'll be finishing up my second year of the nursing program this year. I'm going to try and exercise a little more than nothing...maybe learn how to drive further so I can actually go places instead of just the two malls around my house..which aren't bad but, they get boring after a while. I might dye my hair red before break is over...I'm still thinking about it. What I really wanted was a reddish brown, but this is just straight up dark reddish. I don't know if that's going to look okay. 

My trip to Korea was awesome... freezing, but awesome. I loved every bit of it! The food, the people, the culture...so much fun. I definitely have to go back with more luggage space so I can shop a lot more. I think that's the only thing I regret, I didn't get to shop enough since I didn't have luggage space! ARG! I will go back eventually!

Hmm, I wish I had more resolutions to talk about or something more meaningful, but I really don't at the moment. Just finished Mary stayed out all night. That was fun XD. I still have to finish Natsuniji >.<! OMG. I'm going to go do that right now. 

26th-Nov-2010 03:51 pm - OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!
my chick bad


now back to studying.
24th-Oct-2010 12:35 am(no subject)
 *heart explodes*
 but..kind of serious at the same time. I really hate physics. I don't understand why it's so hard for me and I don't want to sound like..conceited or anything, but most of the time I get things. I haven't really faced anything super super super super challenging that didn't actually come to me after studying. AFter studying this, I still feel stupid and I can't even complete my damn online hw. It's the first hw assignment and I should be able to plug in a few numbers but I understand nothing! I wanted to find a bridge to jump off of and have someone find what my freakin velocity was right before I hit the freakin ground. 

I shouldn't say such horrible things -,-. but stress is getting to me. This trying to go to finish pre-med pre-reqs and the nursing program at the same time is not so much fun anymore. Things look like they're finally catching up to me and I don't even know why I'm trying so hard. UGH!

THEN...a professor posted something on my wall to make me forget all this madness for the time being.

Korea trip December 10-19.

An opportunity to get away...or well...more of a reward if I stick this quarter out. Los Angeles-Tokyo-Seoul-Incheon-Jeju-Seoul-Tokyo-Los Angeles. 

AHHHHHHHH. I sooooo want to go. I don't have enough money as of now due to tuition increase and my summer tuition...damn education. I hope my parents will help me out until my winter check comes in. please oh please oh please oh please

I'm falling so behind with lj. I hope everyone is doing well. BE HAPPY! and well PEACE! is all i can say right now >.<!
2nd-Oct-2010 08:57 pm - trip to grocery stores
kimura kaela's ring a ding dong and arashi's love rainbow at takashima
Make a wish and some other F4 song at sun fah market. 

I love hearing songs I know at the grocery store!
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